Wedding Dance


Taking the floor for the first dance at your wedding is always special and should be a wonderful memory of the day.
We will choreograph a dance for your chosen music which can be as simple or as adventurous as you like.  Whether you decide on a slow piece of music suitable for perhaps a Foxtrot or Waltz or something faster for a Jive, we will tailor make a routine to suit you.

If you have never danced before it is usually better to keep it simple so that you feel confident and yet still impress your friends and family. The most important part of the experience is that you enjoy it.

The majority of people have around 4-6 private lessons but if you find you need more to add a few extra highlights or just to feel more comfortable about it, you can book them as you go.  Lessons are booked in 30 minute sessions.

Remember to bring your music along with you to your first lesson.

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