Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take classes for absolute beginners as I have never danced before?
Yes. The Strictly Beginners Level 1 class is for people who have never danced before. For anyone who has done a little they would join in with Level 2 or above depending on how much they have done unless it was a long time ago and they have forgotten the steps!

Does it matter if I miss one or two classes on the 8 week course?
No. Many people miss one or two weeks due to work, holidays, sickness etc. We repeat the steps but if you really feel you have got slightly behind you can book a 30 minute private lesson to catch up.

Do I need a partner?
No not at all. Many people come without a partner and it isn’t necessary as we teach the men and ladies separately when we are teaching new steps before you try them with a partner. There are always others who come by themselves and we rotate you around. The teacher and assistant also change partners.

What should I wear?
Anything comfortable. Smart casual is a good guide

What footwear should I wear?
Comfortable shoes that won’t slip. Rubber soles are not recommended as they stick to the floor. If you decide you’re really enjoying the dancing and will continue, then is the time to buy some proper dance shoes which are lightweight and have suede soles which allow your feet to swivel on the floor but without sliding.

How long will it take until I feel confident about doing some basic steps round the floor?
A difficult question to answer as everyone learns at different speeds and everyone’s definition of when they feel at this stage is different! Within a few weeks you will know the basic steps of a few dances and could go out to a dance.

What levels of dance do you teach?
We take classes and private lessons from the absolute beginner through to the advanced competitor and new professionals wanting to take their qualifications to teach.

If I book a private lesson for myself, who will I dance with?
The teacher. If you come as a couple, you will spend the majority of the lesson dancing together but the teacher will often dance with each of you to guide you through the steps too. If you come alone, you will dance with the teacher!

Is there a maximum age limit?
As long as you can walk, you can dance! You can start at any age and then continue to enjoy your dancing.

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